Salle Webber, postpartum doula in Santa Cruz, CA
Salle Webber contact info

Salle Webber with baby boy


2 Responses to Contact

  1. Buck Kimo says:

    Hellow Mrs. Webber. Dont know if you remember me or not but I met you a while back in San Semion. I notices a very Beautiful picture on your site that is exactly the same as one of my shots that I took while sightseeing there. Your book seems to be very interesting and informative and I plan to invest in a copy as soon as it is available. My feelings are that anyone who is as in tuned to nature as you are and with a desire to make the lives of children and their moms and dads healthier and happier, is already successful; but with more success to come. Congratulations

    • huladoula says:

      Thank you Mr. Kimo, I certainly do remember meeting you. Your support and mutual understanding are most appreciated. Please let me know how you like the book…you are so right, love of nature and love of families and infants go hand in hand.

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