Presenter Barbara Essman

BarbaraEsmanWEBBarbara Essman BS, MA
Doula and Doula Trainer

Families do have access to childbirth education/preparation classes that help them to prepare them for the birth of their baby.  But, where is the information they will need after the baby is born?  Who is talking about the 5000 diaper changes or the concept of diaper free? Who is helping them grasp the reality of sleepless nights and around the clock feedings?   Who is filling them in on the necessary demands a new baby will have on their time? Who is even talking about parenting and the role they, mom and dad, will be expected to take on and be fully responsible for?  Who is talking to them about maintaining their relationship as a couple? The postpartum doula can play an essential role in helping a new family find answers to these questions that may not even arise until the baby is actually in their arms and they are feeling overwhelmed with unexpected expectations.  Together we will explore how the doula can help to prepare a family for these unexpected expectations.

Barbara Essman will facilitate this discussion.  Barbara was born and raised on Oahu and has lived on Kauai for the past 10 years.  She has attended births, been training others to be doulas, helping families by offering a Birth Circle (childbirth preparation classes) helping new moms and dads learn about baby massage and doing pregnancy massages.  Barbara is also a Hospice volunteer and has created a Death Doula class to be offered for the first time in August. She raised two sons and has two grandchildren.  Barbara has a BS degree from The University of Hawaii at Manoa in family resources and an MA from Pacific Oaks College in human development focusing on infants, toddlers and families.