Presenter Katie DaMota

KatieKatie DaMota, MAS, IBCLC
Lactation Consultant
Founder of The Nest Family Resource

Katie has built a reputation by consulting with families and working hard to solve the challenges that arise with the complexity of infant feeding. She holds a master’s degree in Maternal and Child Nutrition from the University of California, Davis as well as an international certification in lactation consulting (IBCLC). Her extensive background in the fields of child development and women’s health has allowed her to make a career of her passion for guiding women to make healthy decisions for themselves and their children. The Nest Family Resource, a new parent resource center for families from preconception through parenting, is her most recent endeavor. She leads a variety of workshops for parents and professionals alike.

She and her husband are raising their son Joaquin in the Sierra Foothills of California. For Katie, parenting has been the ultimate lesson in surrendering and trust. She and her son spend most of their time getting lost in books, creating art or dreaming up trips to the coast.

Katie will be discussing advanced breastfeeding support information, as well as infant sleep issues.