Presenter Lakecia King

Lakecia-2WEBLakecia King, BS, MAT
Special Education Teacher
Advocate for Caregivers

Kecia King is a Special Education teacher specializing in students with autism, traumatic brain injury, learning disabilities, and mental health issues In 2008, after 20 years as a business executive and several as a director of human resources, Kecia went from the boardroom to the classroom of life. While transitioning to her newfound passion Kecia began to practice self care strategies to help herself and others during her divorce. She researched ways to develop her brain towards a new way of thinking. She wanted to declutter her mind of toxic thoughts and behaviors. By 2014 she completed her own self care regimen. She slowly began to share it with others. Now, Kecia is committed to helping others define their purpose and develop an individualized empowerment prospectus for those who are committed to understanding how a renewed mindset can enhance their behaviors towards living a better life. In addition to teaching her students, Kecia offers workshops, corporate training, coaching and presentations geared toward mindfulness, self care, and spiritual awareness. She serves on many boards in her community and abroad. She writes for blogs including her own and is currently writing her first book. Though born on the east coast Kecia resides in Honolulu, Hawaii, and is the proud mother of 2 young adult children.

Doulas support life and healing in the world. This profession is in high need like never before. At a time when high stress and burnout are so prevalent in other helping professions, such as nursing and teaching, we are offering self-care for you the selfless caregiver. In this class you will learn the meaning of compassion fatigue, how to prevent it, self-compassion, and some components of mindfulness meditation. We will use mindfulness and social emotional learning for the improvement of your total well-being.