Presenter/Organizer Salle Webber

Salle Kahanuola Webber, the “Hula Doula”
Mother-to-Mother Doula Service, Postpartum doula for 30 + yrs.
Educator and Author of  “The Gentle Art of Newborn Family Care”
Founder of Renewal Retreat

SalleHulaWEBSalle Webber had the dream which led to this rejuvenating retreat for Postpartum doulas. Her years of living in the islands, and regular visits since returning to California, were the inspiration to provide this energetic, educational, and relaxing experience. She looks forward to sharing the beauty and magic of Kaua’i with you.

Raised in rural New Hampshire, Salle attended high school and college in the 1960’s, a time of great national change and social advancement. She graduated in 1969 from Hampton University with a BA in psychology, an education that went far beyond the classroom.  Subsequent experiences, living in Woodstock, NY, becoming a mother, training with Arica Institute and Oscar Ichazo, involvement with the Waldorf schools and teachings of Rudolf Steiner, alternative health, lifestyle, and educational practices, living in Hawai’i and learning hula, continuing to study hula in California, and serving as a postpartum care giver in Santa Cruz County for many years, have molded her into the doula and teacher she has become. Being closely involved with her three children, their partners, and six grandchildren is a gift for which Salle is most grateful, as the entire family lives in the area and gathers often. They are her inspiration and motivation, her dearest loves.

Salle resides in the redwood forest outside of Santa Cruz with her husband and 30 chickens. She is active in her hula school as well as with the local birth community, and spends a couple of months each year on Kaua’i.

Salle has been serving postpartum families in Santa Cruz County since 1988, and has been a teacher of doulas since 2001. Out of this work was born her book, The Gentle Art of Newborn Family Care, a Guide for Postpartum Doulas and Caregivers, published by Praeclarus Press.

Salle’s diverse interests and life experiences have evolved into a deep respect for the unfolding of new life, and attention to the delicate transition each family member goes through. Using a model of informed and compassionate responsiveness, maintaining a calm and flexible presence, she employs wisdom and humor in her work and teaching.

Salle’s offerings at the retreat will primarily be in organization and structure, but also in teaching the heart of the doula work, some practical tips, and discussion of infant brain development and how the newborn period affects human life. We will consider the enormity of change when a woman becomes a mother, and how we can nurture this transition to bring more harmony and grace into the home.

Join us as we strive to make the world a gentler place, one family at a time.