Kauai Retreat Staff

Due to road damage impacting access to our retreat campground, the decision has been made to postpone the event indefinitely. The location is an integral part of the experience we are creating.

presenterPIXWEBSalle Webber
Mother-to-Mother Doula Service
Postpartum Doula for 30 + yrs, Author & Educator

Suzanne Arms
Photojournalist, Author
Founder-Director of Birthing The Future®

Linda Jones
Birth & Postpartum Doula
Cofounder of Black Women Birthing Justice

Karen Ehrlich
Pioneering Midwife, Author and Activist

Maggie Muir
Lactation Consultant & Family Therapist

Lakecia King
Special Education Teacher, Advocate for Caregivers

Katie DaMota
Lactation Consultant, Founder of The Nest Family Resource Center

Barbara Essman
Doula & Doula Trainer

Note: Presenter list as of 6/12/18, which is subject to change.

Call, text or email Salle Webber for more information. (831) 331-6158

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Chef Jeane Kapoli Michioka