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Dear President Barack, First Lady Michelle, and First Daughters Sasha and Malia, It is with no disrespect that I address you using your first names…indeed it is because you have been so open, so fully human, in your roles, that … Continue reading

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My Dad

Recently a friend’s facebook question about good dads caused me to ponder my own father and our relationship. My dad left the family early on, and though he hovered on the periphery of our lives and made rules and decisions that … Continue reading

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It’s been almost three years since I ate my last piece of wheat bread. You couldn’t force me to eat another. It’s so clear to me that my body’s dramatic improvement in several areas is a direct result of cleaning … Continue reading

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Just Another Miracle

JUST ANOTHER MIRACLE We’re expecting two new babies in our family. The British son of my cousin, who transplanted from London to sunny Santa Cruz, and his lovely wife are due to bring forth their first child in less than … Continue reading

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